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"Alive" is a game that combines survival and combat. In the apocalyptic world surrounded by zombies, you not only have to face the threat of food shortages, but you also have to face all kinds of terrifying zombies and survivors with ghost babies infected by zombie viruses. However, you will gradually discover that this world is not what you imagined. The horrible zombies are just a prelude. It is really hard to live... What awaits you is more and more weirdness. Only by staying strong in this world can you Unlock the answer hidden in the mist...


Truman is a retired soldier. Since his divorce from his wife, he has been lost in life on York Island. However, he did not expect that in just a few years, the zombies that appeared because of the nuclear war would completely overthrow the human world in order to survive. Going down, for the sake of his wife and daughters, Truman needs to find them in this world. And, stay alive! However, in the ruins of the doomsday, how can we be considered alive?

Hossam Galal

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