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Zhen Hun Street: Wushen Body

Zhen Hun Street: Wushen Body

By: 北京慕远科技有限公司

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"Soul Street" is the top popular national manga, ranking first for its wicked spirit, with a total of nearly 5 billion hits. Station B has an animation score of 9.1, with 7.05 million followers, and a total of 580 million views in the two seasons.

"Shen Soul Street: Martial God Body" is a licensed IP work of "Soul Soul Street", an ultra-high degree of freedom strategy card mobile game.

The original animation dubbing provides a luxurious audio-visual feast; the plot and worldview are perfectly restored, allowing you to dream back to the spiritual realm and rekindle your fighting blood!

The classic characters are restored to their original flavor, and the three forces of the Kingdom Organization, the Imperial Spirit History, and the Shenwu Spirit Legion that have not yet been unlocked in the animation have all appeared. Super exquisite character paintings satisfy your desire to collect!

Contend in the spiritual realm, with various gameplays.

The human spirit world is perfectly integrated with the three kingdoms and myths, and there are more mysterious new characters waiting for you to unlock!

More than 400 levels of brain burning experience, 32 soul-senders × 43 guardian spirits × 74 martial arts skills constitute tens of thousands of strategic combinations, each round is a new challenge!

Everyone, come to awaken your martial arts body!

Fight with Cao Yan on Raksha Street, and guard the beloved in the heart of Beiluo Shimen!

This street, you have the final say!

[Orthodox Wuhun classic inheritance]

The only genuine IP authorized work of the top national comic "Soul Soul Street", the plot and world view are perfectly restored, the original animation class dubbing, bringing the original combat audio-visual experience, about 400 new comics, 10,000+ storytelling, and gameplay Unlock more comic plots at the same time.

[Across time and space to the spiritual realm]

In the real world where humans and spirits coexist, while suppressing evil spirits, the soul-suppressing generals can summon the guardian spirits of the Three Kingdoms and myths across time and space to fight side by side with them, adding to the legendary color.

[Classic characters all appear]

In the game "Shen Soul Street: Valkyrie", all the characters are perfectly restored to satisfy your desire to collect. At the same time, Lihui has been fully upgraded, it is detailed and vivid, and it is more youthful and fashionable. In addition, there are mysterious new characters waiting for you to unlock in the game.

[Strategic collocation to win with wisdom]

The spirit of the soul + guardian spirit + martial arts skills can achieve tens of thousands of combinations, the real strategy of playing with a thousand players and a thousand faces, 400+ brain-burning levels, you need to review the situation and see the tricks to find the way to victory.

[A surprise attack by a general of the custom genre]

The custom combination of martial arts + spiritual skills breaks the fixed gameplay routine. Can create tens of thousands of skill genres, truly realize the customization of each general genre, and become a winning weapon on the battlefield.

[Thousands of troops compete for hegemony]

Online multiplayer battle gameplay, fight hand in hand with players of the same force, and dominate the spiritual realm. Thousands of troops and horses compete online, reappearing the scene of the famous battle on Zhenhun Street.

Zhen Hun Street: Wushen Body
Hossam Galal

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