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Fog formula

Fog formula

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Yukimizawa was originally a modern city with advanced technology, economic independence, and rapid development. Two years ago, a disaster called "Eternal Night" fell from the sky, and the entire city was plunged into endless darkness and lost all contact with the outside world. Although I don't know what he sacrificed, "Eternal Night" is finally over, but Yukimizawa is still covered by the strange thick fog that can't see his fingers, and the isolation state of isolation has not been improved. A pair of non-human eyes are hidden above the clouds, watching everything silently.

Weird black shadows often flash on the foggy wall that obscures the sky, and ghosts and monsters raging in corners forgotten by the sun. From time to time, people disappear into the fog, and occasionally passers-by break into the bizarre and bizarre space by mistake. A lucky person brought back rare resources that can effectively strengthen any living body from that strange space, and disputes arose. The restless people turned their anger into violence, constantly robbing the rare resources brought out from the strange space. And the "I" who can easily open the door of the strange space just opened his eyes, and was passively involved in the struggle of several major forces...

Fog formula
Hossam Galal

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