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Ask the fairy in the cloud

Ask the fairy in the cloud

By: 云端工作室

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======== I came from the mortal world and came here to find longevity ========

Tian Lei suddenly discovered that he had entered the Yang Clan, and brought the Tianxian Junior Sister, who was deeply loved by the head of the school, and was destined to be happy in this life.

Crossing the robbery and flying immortal, after returning from world experience, I found that the seal of the martial art was broken. What should I do next? Download now and choose your own destiny:

A. Immediately cross the catastrophe, revenge and hate

B. Leaving the sect, change to another sect and continue to cultivate immortals

C. Reincarnation again, re-birth

======== Gameplay ========

[Remembering what happened before and after my life]

In-depth plot free exploration, distinguishing right from evil, exploring the shady, one day, remembering the past life!

[Huiyuan practice to cross the thunder robbery]

Easily hang up and meditate, overcome thunder and calamity, cultivate long life, and one day become immortal!

[Fun for Fairy in the World]

Thousands of magic spells eternal people's hearts, into the red dust, refining the heart, one day, will have to meet the fairy fate!

[Three Thousands of Quanguan Avenue]

The three thousand avenues go to the same destination by different routes, towering to the world, realizing the true meaning, and one day, we will prove our way!

Ask the fairy in the cloud
Hossam Galal

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