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Lost azure

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Lost azure

By: 北京原力棱镜科技有限公司

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Lost Azure is not a game, it is a world.

When the player crashed down with the UVA-0859 flight and was abandoned by human civilization in the South Pacific

On the island, the world slowly pulled a corner of the curtain to the player, revealing a hideous black


-Uncover the truth behind the disaster

Exploration and nesting, unity and division, hatred and compassion, confusion and awe, joy and sorrow,

War and peace... Every player who goes deep into this world will develop as the game progresses.

Open up, challenge the limits of your own intelligence, feel ample emotions, experience a different life, and finally

It will uncover the laws of human world civilization change and face the black hands that destroyed Atlantis.

-Explore mysterious islands

The whole world is composed of 7 scene groups, including cold ice fields, dry deserts, and humid

Rain forests, hot volcanoes and vast seas. Different regions have different ecosystems,

Including animals, plants, temperature, climate and resources. Different harsh environment means different

The challenge of survival.

-Build a shelter for survival

Players need to build trust between each other to form an expedition team to deal with as many as hundreds of species together

The above mutant monsters also need to operate a common base to prevent surprise attacks from other teams.

This is not the mysterious island of Verne. The efforts of these explorers and the problems they face

Mystery and danger are far more than Robinson who brought Friday.

-Highly free interactive world

This is an extremely free and highly interactive island. Whether it is going deep into the mysterious wilderness for exploration,

Logging, gathering; or being content to plant, casting, and processing from scratch; or

Drove a vehicle through the wilderness to hunt, looting, and rushing; there are no rules that will restrain you.

All the supplies and weapons need to be manufactured and collected by hand. All the players have to do is to make profit.

Use everything to survive.

The gaze from behind the black mist is staring at you...

Lost azure
Hossam Galal

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