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Gu Jian Qi Tan Mu Whisperer

Gu Jian Qi Tan Mu Whisperer

By: 哔哩哔哩游戏

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"Gu Jian Qi Tan Mu Ling Ren" is a 3D turn-based RPG independently developed by Beijing Xiangyue, a subsidiary of Net Yuan Shengtang, and is exclusively distributed by bilibili. The game is based on the theme of ancient technology "Yanshu", and it builds a game background and original story in which Yanshu and Xianxia coexist.

In the game, a card is a Yanjia character, and many Yanjias interpret the story and constitute the world. Here, the cards use innovative humanized and three-dimensional designs. In addition to the difference in "rarity", each card is also given the dual attributes of "character" and "hobby". From then on, the strength of Yanjia not only depends on the single-dimensional combat power, but also on the characteristics of exploration, hobbies and other dimensions, which ultimately constitutes a unique Yanjia.

As a result, developing gameplay no longer only means liver and krypton. Yanshi can develop cards in a more interesting way according to their own preferences. For example, assign different Yanjia to travel abroad to see what kind of sparks the combination of various personalities will collide; or let Yanjia do what he is best at, becoming a master of fighting cricket or Qianqiu opera card master.

A brand new world of ancient swords, innovative development of gameplay, instantly transform into Yanshi and embark on a wonderful journey of ancient swords!

[Brand new ancient sword, another new chapter]

Gu Jian Qi Tan's new mobile game, the new chapter brings you a new touch.

Gujian Qitan humanistic planning, 150,000 characters frame the game world, undertake classic plots, and interpret new stories.

[Triple characteristics endow cards with humanity and redefine card gameplay]

The innovative use of [Rareness], [Character] and [Hobbies] triple settings, each Yan Jia has unique multi-dimensional characteristics.

A variety of derivative gameplays such as Qianqiu play, insect fighting, fishing, etc., comprehensively enhance the card development experience and the fun of collecting cards.

[Previous voice actors, luxurious audio-visual feast]

Xia Lei, Chen Yiwen, Yang Ou, Shen Dawei, Ke Muqing, Sun Ye, V17-Vinegar Vinegar, Xu Hui, Liu Shengbo and many other well-known voice actors participated in the story dubbing.

The super-long voice plot, more than 5000 lines, brings a full-scale audio-visual feast of the plot.

[Home DIY, your home is yours]

Cos dressing, fishing and cooking, the almighty butler will take you to tease your sister and accompany you to complain.

Large space 3D scene homes, a variety of furniture can be matched at will, and there are multiple independent leisure game systems such as Xunyuan and Fighting Insects, which are both fighting and leisure.

Gu Jian Qi Tan Mu Whisperer
Hossam Galal

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