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Skyrim Conquer

Skyrim Conquer

By: 上海晟尧

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Welcome to the world of Skyrim Conquest!

This is a high magical fantasy overhead world. The Broken Continent became a piece of scorched earth after the "Great Destruction". The magic was lost. The city of Babel became the only remaining civilized city, gathering creatures of different races, and the source of magic The chaos caused dimensional cracks in the city, which brought countless unknowns.

You will have magical talent in the game, take your wisdom and the cards in your hand to go to the dimensional crack. In this complex endless maze, you will encounter the obstruction of monsters, the persecution of competitors and the betrayal of your companions. Use cards and wisdom to defeat all your opponents and win!

Game features

——Build a huge card pool, explore multiple combinations

First issue 750 cards, experience card depth and strategy vertically and horizontally

——Decomposition and synthesis of cards, turning decay into magic

Let the extra things in your hands no longer be superfluous, keep your feet on the ground and save money with an orange card

——Characteristic "area" system, the four elements check and balance each other

Layout in different attribute areas, focusing on venue strategic collaboration

-Traps and artifacts, sharp weapons to assist the battle

Brings powerful gains and uncertainty, adding more variables to the battle

——Fast-paced fighting, the cards go to people's peace

Support dual-version high-speed battle on the mobile terminal

——Fantasy card design, American wild style

Pure fantasy pedigree, card special effects and art bring you into the fantasy world

——Complete world view, each card has a story

The world is based on fictional fantasy, and people have a close relationship with society

Skyrim Conquer
Hossam Galal

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