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Detective Meow Sulu

Detective Meow Sulu

By: 好传游戏

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The story takes place in a city that resembles London [Langtun].

The protagonist [Charlotte L. Meow Sulu], a well-known detective with an intelligent mind and a passion for invention, through observation and deductive reasoning, he is famous in the local area. However, due to an accident a few years ago, he has been living in the B216 Shell Street apartment for in-depth inspection. One day, under the entrustment of the landlord’s wife, she was looking for a stolen teapot. In the process, Charlotte met her partner [Dr. Chen Long], and the two began to solve one strange case after another.

In addition to the warm and interesting daily life, weird events are constantly being staged in [Langtun]: the cursed necklace, the long and thin human figure in front of the midnight window, the sphinx that can tell jokes...Facing these bizarre cases, Xia Lolo can always solve one by one with his novel inventions. In order to investigate the mysterious organization related to it in depth, Charlotte and Chenlong took the cafe under the apartment as a base, and launched a unique and adventurous daily...

◎Game features◎

・The world view of Cthulhu elements, explore unsolved mysteries together

・Surprise adventure story, unlock rich skill points

・Exquisite plot animation, more advanced audio-visual enjoyment

・White noise wallpaper, easy to accompany your daily life

・Cafe management, create your own little world after exploring

◎Recommended crowd ◎

・Cat lovers

・Light lovers of Cthulhu culture

・Casual gamer

Detective Meow Sulu
Hossam Galal

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