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Cyber Siege

Cyber Siege

By: 影态游戏工作室

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"Cyber Siege" is a science fiction action role-playing game, hoping to bring players a refreshing hack and slash battle, and the ARPG experience of playing treasure games with freedom, and use the stage to show a different perspective To look at the possible future human society.

In the game, the interplanetary cargo captain played by the player has always undertaken some simple cargo operations in the second ring colony. Occasionally, he was blocked by local gang forces when he was carrying out a nerve chip transportation job in the marginal colony of the star. Although he finally broke the siege, he lost the cargo and accidentally found a hibernation cabin in the camp. The protagonist recovers the frozen woman in the warehouse. She claims that she is an expatriate commissioner of the earth's energy monopoly giant Red Sun. She has important information to be delivered to the organization. Doubtful, the protagonist accepted the commission and started the journey to the earth. Adventure trip.

Unlike most of the same types of games on the market that use character collection as the main gameplay, "Cyber Siege" will focus on the role-playing experience of a single role as the protagonist played by the player. You can strengthen and deeply customize your character through a complete set of whole body nerve transformation system. You can also choose one of the most popular weapons from the huge arsenal to overcome obstacles, and you can also hack into the central control of every piece of armor. The system adjusts its strength to increase its coordination with human body functions.

The team's friends have been fighting together for nearly 3 years, and have persisted with their love. At present, the completion of the game is halfway through, and it still takes a certain amount of time to accumulate and settle. We very much hope to get everyone's suggestions and attention, and will do our best to make the world a little more delicate.

Cyber Siege
Hossam Galal

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