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Code: Parallel Practice Record

Code: Parallel Practice Record

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The new dual world synchronization gameplay, concentrate on the original script, and take you to find the wonderful connection between the main world and the parallel world. The game is a lot of fun, and record your interesting self.

This is the b2 parallel world, an aerial world full of fun. The me in the main world and the me in the parallel world were linked together because of an accident, and then they explored and practiced together to appreciate the changes in the world. This is a story about the link and transformation of the two worlds. It is a story of searching and recording.

——Innovative gameplay

Dual worlds simultaneously explore new gameplay. Will the behavior of the main world have a wonderful connection with the parallel world?

——Original plot

Dual world story mode. The main world of science fiction in the future, the parallel world of martial arts and ancient styles, and the intricately intertwined dual time and space, can we find the root of fate?

——Random Adventure

Turn on the random adventure mechanism. Will the behavior of the main world affect different random adventures in the parallel world?

——Intelligent Record

"Tianyi" will intelligently record for you. When you record your real-life experiences and memories in the main world, will these precious memories be preserved forever?

——Healthy Games

Reasonably plan the game of time. Effectively plan the itinerary of the main world, and the benefits in the parallel world will increase accordingly. Maybe a healthy way of playing can help you discover a better version of yourself in the parallel world?

Code: Parallel Practice Record
Hossam Galal

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