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"The Judge" is an interactive video product deduced by real people. It adopts the method of film + interactive gameplay to promote the development of the plot. The trend of the plot will be determined by you. Each different choice will make the plot develop in a different direction and eventually lead to a different ending.

【story background】

In a seemingly peaceful city, in the past few months, weird deaths have occurred one after another. There is no connection between the dead, but everyone who triggers the organ is the protagonist of the next murder.

Nine sets of deadly organs, nine different methods of trial, the moment the Enter key hits, the trial has come.

Three homicide notices, two detectives who swear to the death, a game of reasoning embarrassed on all sides. The bones are falling down like dominoes, what kind of shocking secrets are hidden?

Behind the nine murder cases, what kind of connection is there, and what is the real motive of the murderer?

"The retribution of good and evil is like a shadow, and the three generations of cause and effect, the cycle is not lost."

The final judgment is coming soon, please help us to detect the mystery and find out the truth!

[Introduction of the main creative team]

"The Judge" is a contemporary suspenseful reasoning criminal investigation interactive video product jointly created by Zhonglian Xinying (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Water Thinking Entertainment.

"Screenwriter": Leng Xiaozhang, one of the few young writers born in the 1985s who is truly committed to rigorous mystery novels in China, works such as "The Killer", "My Enemy", "Sin Addicts", "Nine Palaces Hunting Bureau", etc.

"Director": Ren Xiujing, has directed and screened many film and television works such as "New Beauty" and "S4 Heroes Falling in the Devil".

"Entertainment Staff": Part of the starring lineup of the well-known TV series "The Name of the People" joined, led by famous actors Huang Junpeng and Zhang Zhijian.

"Producer": Water Thinking Entertainment

"United Producer": Zoomlion Sega Group

"Production Team": Water Thinking Entertainment. The team members come from well-known game manufacturers and well-known film and television entertainment companies. They are composed of a group of small partners who use love to generate electricity, focusing on the development of interactive entertainment products.

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