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Mandarin Town

Mandarin Town

By: 腾讯游戏追梦计划

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"Mandarin Town" is specially customized for adults with weak Mandarin foundation. It is a public welfare game to promote Mandarin Chinese jointly developed by Tencent Game Chasing Dream Project and Chinese Publishing House, and Tencent Game Chasing Dream Project and Changyou. The game is guided by the Ministry of Education, the State Council’s Poverty Alleviation Office, and the National Language Commission’s popular poverty alleviation action plan. The content is based on "1000 Mandarin Sentences". It is hoped that through entertainment and education, young and middle-aged laborers in poverty-stricken areas will be inspired to learn Mandarin. Interest, accelerate the speed of learning Mandarin, lay a good language foundation for strengthening one's own "hematopoiesis" ability, thereby improving vocational skills and employability; hope to promote the popularization of the national common language, and promote the development of various nationalities, economic and cultural exchanges , To help poverty-stricken areas fight poverty through education and play an active role.

【Education and Fun Learning Game】

The content of the game is based on "1000 Sentences of Putonghua", with the voice of the Golden Microphone Award winner teacher. Every learning achievement and progress will be shown through the prosperity of the town, making Mandarin learning more interesting!

[Hometown promotes general construction of small towns]

Inspiring to revitalize your hometown, get rewards through various tasks such as learning, testing, and competition in the town, and gradually build the town into a dream metropolis! Come and build your town in standard Mandarin!

Let's help promote poverty alleviation together! Work hard for a better tomorrow!

Mandarin Town
Hossam Galal

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