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Stupid Race (beta)

Stupid Race (beta)

By: AppicPlay

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Happy Doudou, this time we are going to embark on a journey of death in the race track!

Move forward in pushing and shoving, screaming under various organs;

If you have seen the death-killing ability of these beans in the stupid way of death series games,

That scenes and scenes will not surprise you.

Rotating saws, swinging axes, and trampolines that go up to the sky at the touch of a touch,

Every mechanism makes your race journey full of joy and "surprise".

How to play:

Rush for a word, press and hold the screen to move forward, release the screen to stop;

Dodge the mechanism, push away the opponent,

Be careful not to fall off the cliff!

As long as the 4 tracks have not made the bottom place,

Can hold the trophy steadily.

Game features:

Joyous and noisy obstacle race;

Familiar stupid peas;

Simple and easy-to-learn operation experience;

Complex and changeable checkpoint agencies;

There are also various peas skins, cute dances waiting for you to collect!

Don't hesitate, start your new round of stupid battle right away!


The origin of the "Stupid" series of games is the "Stupid Way to Die", an educational puzzle game developed by the Melbourne Metro Operating Company in Australia to raise the public's safety awareness. In the game, players can come into contact with many scenes and events in daily life, and then experience the consequences of not paying attention to safety awareness in simple spoof games. Nowadays, in addition to the initial safety education games, the "Stupid" series has also begun to constantly introduce new ones, launching one after another joyful mini-games with different themes. "Stupid Race" is the latest work on the theme of the action-adversarial obstacle race between Peas.

Welcome to the old and new players of the series to taste the latest creations of the developer.

For more game exchanges, please join the official QQ group: 592089076

Stupid Race (beta)
Hossam Galal

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