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Fairy Bakery (beta)

Fairy Bakery (beta)

By: 扑家工作室

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There is a great bakery in the town where the fairies live!

<Get wheat flour! 〉

Hard work in the wheat field, harvest wheat.

Use the machine to grind the wheat into flour to get the raw materials for making bread!

<Make bread! 〉

In the store’s kitchen, you can use the collected ingredients to make bread with different flavors.

Knead the dough carefully, put the bread into the oven, and wait for the bread to be freshly baked!

<Sell bread! 〉

The prepared bread can be sold in the store! Let the guests taste the freshest and delicious bread!

<Change the store decoration! 〉

Go to the furniture store and lottery center to get a variety of store decorations.

Put it in the shop and create a personalized bakery!

As long as you manage it carefully, you can become one of the best bakery in the fairy world.

Let's work hard with the goal of a popular bakery! Come on!

(If there is a bug, please report it to us in time!)

Fairy Bakery (beta)
Hossam Galal

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