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All-Star Fight

All-Star Fight

By: 朝夕光年

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"All-Star Fight" is a SNK series of authorized 3D strategy card mobile game. Assemble SNK's multiple series of classic fighting IP, inherit the passionate tone, innovate the combat gameplay, and rekindle your youth! 3D card rendering ratio restores classic characters, the original seiyuu evokes the lush years, blast chases and hits the limit combo... Gorgeous special effects give the arcade a new look and bid farewell to the era of paper! Celebrities team up across time and space, bursting into fire, swords, and flat pushes... a lot of genres can be cultivated at will, cards are powerful, and every fighter is a magic weapon for surprising victory! The gameplay is fully upgraded, real-time PVP detonates the soul of fighting, and the new story mode interprets the urban life of the fighting star...The blood is hard to be cold, the fighting will last forever, let us retake the road of youth in the game!

[Why is it called an All-Star? SNK Fighter Interaction Collection]

SNK series fighting IP is authorized with genuine authorization, and overtime fighters can gather at will. Here, Kyo Kusana and Yashin-an fight side by side, Mai Shiranui and Nakolulu cooperate in time and space, and the new fighting adventure is left to you to perform. Fight, I want it all!

[Classic is fried cold rice? 3D animation farewell to the Q version]

The ingenuity restores every detail of the characters, 3D card rendering and cool special effects make the fighting comprehensively upgraded, and the fluency and the sense of strike are all proficient. We are serious when talking about inheritance and innovation.

[Cards can still be played like this? Explosive chase cool combo】

Fighting and cards can also blend perfectly. Be in front of you, float in the air, chase... the classic combo is reproduced with passion. All members can be in C position, and R card and SR card can also become the ultimate comeback. There is no unwinnable game, only players who don't understand strategy.

[All battles are brainless? Lineup as you wish, real-time competition]

How can you just be addicted to AI madly pressing skills? If it is a brother, come to PK! Can your Daemon Goro + Clark resist the bleeding damage of Tachibana Ukyo + Nakoruru? Come and try it! Real-time PVP gameplay allows you to climb to the top of the ladder and sweep the city of fighting!

All-Star Fight
Hossam Galal

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