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Code broker

Code broker

By: 腾讯

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In the codename agent, you will join the intricate entertainment circle as a new entertainment agent.

The game restores the real ecology of the entertainment circle. You will face a variety of challenges and choices in the game, and encounter different opportunities and setbacks. In this dark and turbulent circle, you need to follow your heart and make correct judgments in order to take the road of life "under the stars".

As the story unfolds, you will meet artists with different personalities. As an agent, you need to operate various announcements and contact endorsements to increase the visibility of the studio. Of course, difficult crisis events will also visit-handle them keenly To maintain the stable operation of the studio.

Don’t forget that the artists under your hand, as “stars”, have the same wonderful stories behind them.

Game features:

[Wonderful plot: hit the weirdness of the entertainment industry]

The 20-person script creation team has worked hard to create a wonderful life that you have never experienced before.

[Steady promotion: create your own brokerage era]

Signing artists, resource contact, notification operation, crisis management...The road to meet your career will be full of numerous challenges.

[The fetters are getting deeper: with the artists, they become long with each other]

Grow up all the way, all the way to accompany; fetters entangled and overcome difficulties together; what you see is a group of real artists and partners.

[Planning strategies: all types of announcements to truly restore the artist’s working status]

Records, films, advertisements, variety shows... the entertainment industry is changing, and every second must be kept under control of the latest trends in real time.

[Unique style: tenderness and emotion are hidden in every moment]

Unique art performance, excellent painters at home and abroad participate in the drawing; each painting is carefully drawn, subverting the traditional cognition of distinguishing quality by rarity.

Code broker
Hossam Galal

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