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Young Heroes

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Young Heroes

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"The Legend of Young Heroes" is the 2021 national style martial arts masterpiece. This work invites the great masters of domestic Internet literature to join in to interpret the legends of hundreds of heroes, allowing you to enjoy the fun of collecting and forming, with hundreds of martial arts skills, thousands of combined combat combinations, personalized training programs, customized various combat strategies, and brain-burning combat moves Recruit the enemy! Join forces with heroes! National style and ink dynamic special effects, bright guns and dark arrows all over the screen with big moves, lifelike and immersed in the artistic conception of rivers and lakes. There is also a unique gameplay in high-rise buildings that will take you to experience the blood-blooded martial arts, and thousands of people will determine the real heroes of the world! There are also a large number of welfare blessings, and we want to create this world!

Young Heroes
Hossam Galal

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