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Imperfect circle journey

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Imperfect circle journey

By: 东品游戏

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"Imperfect Circle Journey" is a healing adventure game with an aesthetic style. It tells about a circle with a missing corner (let's call it Yuanzi). In order to find the missing half, we embarked on a journey of self-seeking. Yuanzi grows through adventures and overcome obstacles. It begins to understand the world and also understands itself.

Along the way, I will miss many friends and meet many friends. Pass by, or travel together.

During the journey, you will get different abilities by combining with different partners, so you can travel to a wider world.

Cross the snow-capped mountains and forests, traverse the black holes of lava, enjoy the scenery from the cliffs, and break wood as a boat.

You will explore and challenge in unexpected ways. This world will give you infinite surprises as well as difficulties and obstacles.

[Game Features]

* Simple operation, but also a little bit brainstorming. Two-handed control, forward/backward, and jump. But sometimes the reverse operation is required;

* Colorful and gorgeous level scenes, beautiful painting style, let you see the colorful world;

* Healing adventure story, in the ridicule with partners and dialogue with NPC on the roadside, you may be able to gain some inspiration about life;

* Combine with different fragments to obtain different abilities, which will determine how you interact with the world

* Two game modes, normal level and bonus level

* Collect mushrooms to unlock bonus levels

Imperfect circle journey
Hossam Galal

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