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Honor of Heirs

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Once upon a time, a great war between descendants of the Gods and the Calamity raged on and on. Both sides spilled oceans of blood trying to obtain the Holy Grail, and yet, both failed, only causing the Gods to abandon the world and let it descend into the Dark Ages.

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Honor of Heirs testing,

The current version of the game is Android closed Beta. The testing begins on the 10th of August, 3 PM, and will end on the 17th of August, 12 PM.

After the testing begins, we welcome everyone to contact us at any time and we will continue improving the game according to everyone's suggestions.

【Exquisite Aesthetics: Create a unique face for your character!】

Simple and comprehensive character customization UI

Give your character the eyes, mouth, or brows that suit them the best!

Create your own perfect face, be it fantastic or realistic.

【Immersive battles: Striking visuals and audio effects!】

Unique battle experience that resonates across generations.

Magnificent representation of the class archetypes & realistic hardcore skill dynamics.

Create a magic swordsman who manipulates elements or a melee mage who is proficient in battle.

Innovative soulstone inlay skills.

Your career and future can only be defined by yourself!

【Explore the wilderness: Spread out your wings and soar freely!】

The endless grassland, the moonlit coast and the hidden ruins await you!

Explore the land of Camelot! Fish, gather resources, create alchemical potions and forge weapons at your leisure!

Experience the freedom of flight and unlock dozens of different wings!

Embark on a neverending journey with no boundaries!

【Tame wild beasts and find friends from all around the world!】

Embark on your adventure with Lancelot, Gavin, and Guinevere!

From cute bunny rabbits to mighty dragons, from funny dairy cows to elegant unicorns, any creature you can see in this land can become your companion.

Want friends? Just look around and you will find them, there is a whole world for you!

【Create a Knight Order and adventure together with the community!】

In this troubled world, establish your Order and fight bravely together.

Conquer Tower, Order Sanctuary, Fortress Territory and World Bosses!

Engage in unlimited social interactions in this exceptional fantasy MMO game!

Honor of Heirs
Hossam Galal

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