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Giant Monster War

Giant Monster War

By: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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You can lead your Titans and discover the grand world of 《Giant Monster War》! Recruit heroes around the world to your Fleet, taking over wonders with your guild friends and lay your foundation in conquering the land!

Over 10 Titans of different worlds, 30 Heroes, 200 exclusive troops classes, Real Warfare

By leading your heroes and titans, you shall expand your territory, conquer all wonders and eventually finish your grand achievement-Rule the World!

Sometimes you worry about your abilities is not good enough. Dont, because your Titans and Allies will assist you!

《Giant Monster War》is currently in beta testing phase. You may encounter bugs, and some aspects of the game may still be changed. Thanks for understanding.


1. Power-up your Titan

A. Collect the Titans that existed around the world and become stronger with them together.

B. Develop your exclusive tech to enhance your Titan, it shall be an important part of every fight of yours!

2. Thousands of Exclusive Troop Classes

A. Imperial Cannoneer, Goblin Lancer, Dragon Knight, Ogre Magician and Skeleton Warriors...etc, you can build your team from thousands of classes!

B. Hawkeye Cat, Vampire, Necromancer Magician, Ninja....etc, each of the hero-exclusive class will be your finest weapon conquering the world!

C. Use your class wisely, attack your opponent's weakness and attack your enemy from behind, you shall defeat your foe and win the battle.

3. Hero Recruitment

A. Hundreds of charming heroes is waiting for you!

B. Upgrade the exclusive combat skills of heroes to enhance your power greatly in every battle.

C. Create your greatest hero by collecting all trophies and acquire unique troop classes!

4. Tactic

A. Each type of the 6 troop classes would have its strength and weakness. Use your strategy wisely and you may even conquer the numerical superiority!

B. Choose your favorite hero and form a team from the eight main skills-ATK, DEF, Heal, AOE, Immune, Shield, Buff and Debuff.

C. Each fight will be a battle between teams. There is no greatest character, only the best suit team for each combat!

Please enjoy the game, and if you run into any problems, leave us your feedback via X-Widget in the top left corner > Contact us > report bugs.

We appreciate your help!

Giant Monster War
Hossam Galal

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