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My Hero Academia: Heart of Heroes

My Hero Academia: Heart of Heroes

By: GameSamba

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Every ordinary person is born extraordinary. You have a hero's heart and vow to be a hero to save others!

My Hero Academia: Heart of Heroes is a hot-blooded action game that is officially licensed and supervised by My Hero Academia Production Committee.

Righteousness is inherent, but there are a thousand reasons why evil thoughts arise. You can choose justice to save the world, or you can stick to your heart and choose your own path.

Good and evil will inevitably clash, and you'll enter a world where you'll have to choose many of the original characters to be your companions on your heroic journey, which won't be easy as you'll have to discover your own fighting style in constant battle, fight your competitors in real time, and finally win.

Tens of millions of heroes have now embarked on their adventures, and the path each one chooses will be very different. Join forces with like-minded friends, fight off the enemies on your hero's journey, and tell the story of how you met and bonded.

Now announce to the world that you're out of the box, Plus Ultra!

My Hero Academia: Heart of Heroes
Hossam Galal

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