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Let is Speed Together 2

Let is Speed Together 2

By: 北京慕远科技有限公司

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The next-generation open world free car racing mobile game "Let's Speed Together 2" will start the file deletion charging test at 10 am on April 15th, so stay tuned!

In order to meet this test, the official has prepared multiple welfare activities and gameplays for everyone!

[7 days sign-in Hao Li] Sign in for 2 days to get the permanent 1st generation racing "Flying Number", as well as free exquisite fashion.

[S-Rank Green Goblin Appears for a Limited Time] During the test, the S-Rank Goblin made its grand debut. The green in the darkness was the gaze of the Abyss Demon.

[Love in the whole city] Have a couple during the test period, or complete matches with friends every day, you can get a gift of intimacy.

[Car God token] Collect car token items during the test period, and you can redeem them for limited exquisite gifts on the event page~

[Lucky Paper Airplane] On the third day of service, recharge any amount to receive a limited paper airplane paraglider skin.

[Recharge Rebate] During this test period, part of the recharge amount will be doubled back during the game public beta. For specific rules, please refer to the announcement post.

6 activities are waiting for you to play!

The game version tested this time is still in the development stage and does not represent the final quality of the game. Please refer to the official beta content for all game content. Thank you for your understanding and support.


"Let's Speed Together 2" is the first open-world racing mobile game on the market, released by Kuaishou and created by the original team. On the basis of the classic racing drift, it has created a diversified main city that can be explored freely, and added a large-world adventure game with high degree of freedom and strong replayability.

Get an out-of-print racing judge upon appointment!

[Classic racing, easy to use unique dazzling skills]

"Let's Speed Together 2" uses the traditional racing mode of operation, and the threshold is extremely low. In terms of drift characteristics, the original dual drift mode makes it easier to gather air, and perfectly simulates the sliding experience of the car when drifting, continuously maintaining the drifting state of the car, and allowing the car to make fine adjustments during the taxiing process, giving every detailed operation Accurate feedback.

[Open-type main city diversified social interaction]

The game’s original and open main city is equipped with multiple functional zones, carrying the leisure and social needs of players. The circular track design, two-person driving function, and one-click voice chat can meet the diverse needs of players and create an immersive Future racing world!

[Cyberpunk scene of next-generation production method]

The game uses PBR rendering technology to create a cyberpunk-style futuristic world, with mysterious and icy spaceship wreckage, glowing neon city, decadent and broken ruins of apocalypse... A variety of tracks for you to drive.

[Free and open big world competition and easter eggs coexist]

The game creates a great world of ultra-high degree of freedom, including rallying, collecting R particles, car gliding and many other gameplay methods. Here, players can experience the sky shuttle, try to fly over the canyon, compete with others in strategy and speed, and explore the easter eggs to see the scenery...

[Multi-style racing optional S-class racing stunt experience]

The racing styles are diversified. You can choose between muscles, cute girls, and supercars. In addition, optional tire marks, tire flames, and skins also make the car more unique to the player. In addition to the design changes in appearance, we also add exclusive passive stunts to each car, and each car can be upgraded to S. The diversified combination of cars and stunts allows everyone to experience a different racing thrill.

Let is Speed Together 2
Hossam Galal

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