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Code name SOG

Code name SOG

By: 西山居世游

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"Code-named SOG" is a new generation of open world survival adventure mobile game independently developed by Jinshan World Tour. With its stunning design, the game fully demonstrates the ingenious fusion of land combat and sea combat. Here, nearly a hundred players participate in survival adventures, experience unique collisions of swords and magic, exciting battleships and artillery battles; exquisite costumes, magnificent buildings, well-designed ships, and various weapons. ... There is no doubt that "Code Name SOG" will bring a perfect audio-visual feast to those who dare to participate.

#Open World Concept#

The game is based on the open world concept, and strives to restore a new game world with rich freedom and WYSIWYG.

# Medieval Fantasy Theme#

The game focuses on creating a unique confrontation with cold weapons. Wearing a cloak and holding a dagger? Cast a spell with a magic wand in a robe? Or more possible combinations.

#Diversified tactical sports#

Combining land warfare and naval warfare to redefine tactical competition, intense close combat on land and exciting battleship battles at sea will bring an extraordinary competitive experience.

#Specialized Construction Upgrade#

The game innovatively introduces the construction and upgrade gameplay. Players can upgrade their weapons and armors by picking up materials to build different ships and artillery.


Free from the shackles of the traditional "rules of the game", it is the player who really decides the progress of each game, bringing a random and changeable game experience.

Code name SOG
Hossam Galal

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