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Knights' Academy

Knights' Academy

By: CrossMagic Inc.

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Knights' Academy is a beautiful girl card building game.


- Charming Three Kingdoms Warriors.

Over 100 famous martial artists from the history of the Three Kingdoms who will debut as beautiful maidens.

Cultivate your favorite maiden!

Start a new life together in this tumultuous school.

- Easy to use and highly strategic.

Just click on the screen and have a gorgeous battle!

Fully automatic battle system, level up all the time!

The game is full of deep strategic meaning!

- Aim to unify the three kingdoms!

Recreate the map, city distribution and territorial posture of the Three Kingdoms period!

Only the winning guild can participate in the high level battlefield!

Expand the guild, extend the territory, and realize the big dream of unifying the world!

- Exciting battles are hotly contested.

Lead the strongest troops and challenge what you can!

Take your opponents seriously and push the limits!

- Find a common enemy and let's start a guild!

Build guilds with friends and challenge more enemies!

Let's work together for victory!

Hossam Galal

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