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Busta Fellows

Busta Fellows

By: eXtend

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Introducing a text adventure game with the theme of authentic crime suspense! Overwhelming video production and gorgeous voice actors draw, movie-like production and hints, surprising development is waiting for you!

-Stained with vivid evil-

■ Men who make a leap in the fictional city "New Seag"

Unscrupulous lawyers, hitmen killers, beautiful cosmetologists, death professionals, and underworld bosses ... men of various titles call them "for the world, for the people, for themselves." Then, we will confront the darkness hidden in the city of New Seeg.

■ Movie-like production and hints, surprising development

By reading each episode, we will solve the mystery and solve the problem, but the story does not end there. The drama woven by humans living in the city of New Seeg shows a new look each time it is read.

■ Bonds with friends, companions, lovers, and family

The theme of the story focuses not only on crime suspense, but also on deep human drama. Sometimes it's a friend, sometimes it's a companion, and sometimes it's a lover or family. The episodes for each character are divided into the first part, which solves the case, and the second part, which deepens human relationships, and you can enjoy the content with full volume. In addition, there are plenty of extra episodes that give you a glimpse of various aspects of the characters.

■ Theme song "NOVALIS"

The theme song is by Adam Kluylov (CV Kaito Ishikawa), an anchor man who is very popular in New Seag, the stage of the game. The theme song of this work is "NOVALIS", a song that Adam is working on and has decided to make his debut as a singer.

Busta Fellows
Hossam Galal

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