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Hunger Apartment-Eclipse

Hunger Apartment-Eclipse

By: Shinou Game Studio

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In the barren apocalyptic world, everyone’s dream is the same, no longer worrying about the survival of tomorrow...

Fortunately! You strayed into an apartment and broke into the utopia in everyone's dreams.

This is Hunger Apartment, which not only solves your food and clothing, but also satisfies all your fantasies.

Of course, the price you need to pay is very low, but it's your delicious #人性#.

But when you discover layers of conspiracies and strip away layers of lies, will it still be your dream? Will it still be your home? Will it make you surrender your humanity?

Did you decide to clarify your thinking in the chaos and see the truth in the dark; or choose to continue your dreams in false sleepiness and spend the rest of your life in peace?

Come to Hunger Apartment to participate in a wonderful 2D horizontal decryption adventure performance. At the end of the story,

Game features:

Different dual protagonists!

Will you tear your only remaining #理智#?

Indifferent vision!

Will your curiosity be extinguished by #“ them”#?

Wordless #阴谋#!

You will face the terrifying truth!

To survive or to give up!

Looking forward to seeing you every time #选#


Listen carefully to those voices from the deep inner layer of#


#奇妙#music from Fine Products and Academics, and #real# sound effects from Jian

Hunger Apartment-Eclipse
Hossam Galal

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