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Heaven Travel

Heaven Travel


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"Heavenly Journey" seems to be a healing place game that is like being in heaven, but when players play, they will find that the story is actually not simple. It contains suspense, thrills, poignant and moving elements. In addition to the unexpected plot, behind the work, the player also wants to experience a different outlook on life from the vast majority, hoping to inspire players to have a more thinking direction about self-generation.

Weibo: Tianguo Liguanwei

A brief account of the story of "Heavenly Kingdom"

The "Little Wind" that grows on the grasslands outside the world has embarked on numerous adventures in order to save the "Tree of Memory" that provides nutrients to the grasslands. While "Xiao Feng" collected memory fragments one after another during the journey, he slowly uncovered one unexpected truth after another. In addition to the unexpected plot, the story also wants to bring out a unique outlook on life, hoping to inspire players to think about the outlook on life.

"Heavenly Travel Li" art style

The art team uses the crayon brush stroke style of childish color to express the heavenly picture. The characters and souvenirs cooperate with the various heavenly designs to establish a unique and interesting worldview.

"Heavenly Journey Li" game features

-If you pay close attention to the content of the game story, you will find that the author has taken every line of the story seriously. In addition to adding light and humorous elements, he also wants players to have a deeper understanding of the game world view.

-It seems that there are several independent story lines, but in fact there are inextricably linked, which will still bring players surprises and thoughts until the end.

-The gameplay is simple but not single. Let me give two examples: Players can click on different travel time and equipment, which will bring different results. Strategically exchanging souvenirs and using crystals to solve curses can speed up the time to collect memory fragments. Simply put, players who want to use their brains and those who don't want to use their brains can also find the fun in the game.

Heaven Travel
Hossam Galal

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