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Rehtona for Tap

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TapTap - Best Game Finalist

MODIAN - Editor's Choice

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A soul-searching colorful adventure about a girl’s precious memories, broken worlds, and self-rescue.

Rehtona is a pixel style, platformer puzzle game. Help Rehtona find the connection between the two mirrored worlds: the ordinary world and the world behind the gate. Rehtona acts in one world and anticipate how it will impact the other world. Go through the puzzles, flip back and forth to block traps, open pathways, and help piece together lost memories. These are the key factors that lead Rehtona to the final answer to everything.

Let’s together join Rehtona’s colorful journey – one you will never forget.

Game Features:

● Breathtakingly two unique yet mirrored worlds of puzzles with radically different strategies to solve

● 5 chapters, 32+ elaborately designed levels plus 7 challenge levels and more levels are coming

● Delightful and interesting puzzles/mechanics with the just right difficulty to play

● Touching, mysterious story line!

● Stunning pixel graphics with a highly polished interface!

● Smoothly controlled platform jumper, join the unforgettable journey of Rehtona

● Full Save/Load functionality with Flashback system!

● Expansion updates will be kept updating, time to challenge your brain!

● Expansion updates will be kept updating every week/month, time to challenge your brain!

● The easter eggs in the game are pleasantly surprised, find them during the journey!

Rehtona combines parallel worlds transformations with a variety of mechanisms to create excellent levels that require players to carefully inferred. At the same time, the game uses a well-designed, suspenseful and fascinating story throughout all levels, and you need to push the story's development with the puzzles. We hope to give you a double enjoyment of gameplay and plot at the end of the game. The operation of the game is not hard, you only need to focus on solving the puzzle, using logical reasoning, shuttling in the mirrored world to get keys, collect crystals and explore different endings.

Let's start the journey!

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Rehtona for Tap
Hossam Galal

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