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Next-generation voice actor training game "CUE!"

-It was your voice that gave me the strength to believe. ―

[Full-length full-voice original story! ]

A story of bonds between 16 voice actors, set in the small voice actor office "Ale Blue".

Let's support and guide as a manager while being swayed by the unique girls!

[Enjoy short anime! ]

Let's challenge the recording with the raised voice actor and release the short animation!

The released short animation can change the cast when certain conditions are met!

■ □ ■ STORY ■ □ ■

I want to deliver my voice. I want to convey my feelings.

It was a dream that was too big for us small.

Days when I hesitate to aim beyond and cannot take a step.

But it was you who were there.

I want to make my dream come true someday. And I want to tell you.

Their dreams move a lot to see the scenery they don't know yet.

■ □ ■ Voice appearance ■ □ ■


Yurina Uchiyama / Nene Hieda / Kyoka Moriya / Yuna Ogata


Ayaka Takamura / Satsuki Miyahara / Mayu Iizuka / Manatsu Murakami


Yukari Anzai / Saki Matsuda / Megumi Yamaguchi / Arisa Tsuruno


Hina Tachibana / Ami Komine / Mai Sato / Rio Tsuchiya


Yoko Hikasa / Hiromi Igarashi / Aya Suzaki

■ □ ■ Official information ■ □ ■

【Official site】

[Official Twitter]

"CRIWARE (TM)" of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. is used for this application.

Hossam Galal

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