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BLACK STAR -Theater Starless-

BLACK STAR -Theater Starless-

By: Donuts Co. Ltd.

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Support your favorite Warmen and push it to the top!

Warmen support & rhythm game "Black Star -Theater Starless- (Blaster)"

A story with men aiming to become top stars on an underground stage

◆ Story ◆

Show restaurant "Theater Starless" in the corner of the big city

Every night there is an entertainment show by male singers and performers.

You who came to the store for some reason.

As a special guest, you are allowed to enter and leave the backstage-

◆ Game features ◆

[Unpredictable story]

Your support will determine the future development of the dramatic story that depicts the bonds, conflicts, and conflicts of men!

[Casts with rich individuality]

Warmen who have both habits and habits have appeared as singers and performers of "Theater Starless".

Support your favorite cast and let it shine at the center!

[Support with a rhythm game! ]

Support pushing with a rhythm game!

Original songs are also appearing one after another!

◆ Cast ◆

Satoshi Hino / Takashi Kondo / Yoshiki Nakajima / Mitsuki Saiga

Nobuhiko Okamoto / Yusuke Kobayashi / Ryota Takeuchi / Atsushi Tamaru

Kaito Ishikawa / Jin Ogasawara / Koji Okino / Kenjiro Tsuda

Daisuke Hirakawa / Tarusuke Shingaki / Soma Saito / Yu Kobayashi

Ryota Osaka / Ayumu Murase / Hideaki Kabumoto / Atsushi Abe

Kengo Kawanishi / Hiroto Akiya / Hinata Tadokoro / Takuya Ide

Yusuke Shirai / Kenji Fukuda / Masaki Ota etc ...

◆ Participating singer ◆

Ray Fujita / Taro Kobayashi / Kradness / Ajikko

Tomoki Saito (Academic BANANA) / Stun Gun

Takuya IDE / Shakemi

Akito Matsumoto (Vacuum Hollow) etc ...

◆ Official information ◆

【Official site】

[Official Twitter]

[Official Youtube channel]

◆ Recommended environment ◆

[Recommended OS] iOS 11 or later

[Recommended device] iPhone 8 or later

BLACK STAR -Theater Starless-
Hossam Galal

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