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Time to Hunt

Time to Hunt

By: 哔哩哔哩游戏

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Once upon a time, when man was in his infancy, he began to know how to make fire from wood, build houses from wood and stone, and hunt beasts for their skin, clothes, and roasts. Young warriors, hunting the mightiest beasts on earth, began to band together and venture into the regions where our world began.


- Open World Hunting

The biggest goal in the game, of course, is to hunt stronger beasts, monsters, and even dragons. You can choose to become the strongest hunter alone, or you can enjoy the thrill of hunting together with your friends. The game supports up to 4 players to share the adventure, fighting, gathering, bounty, special missions and other rich combat system, to carry out a hearty adventure of fighting together. There is no level lock system in the game, you can be honest and explore slowly, or you can go to the advanced map to try to have a greater harvest.

- Homebuilding

After adventuring, your homeland is a great place to relax, process equipment and relax, with 3 building systems (forest, desert and snow) and over 200 buildable buildings. DIY your own home from scratch, and turn the resources from hunting into powerful weapons to face the tougher battles. Of course, if you're not a hunting party, it's also a good choice to water your plants every day and provide your friends with more weapons and equipment to support them.

Time to Hunt
Hossam Galal

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