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Memories of Canteen Story 2

Memories of Canteen Story 2

By: GAGEX Co.,Ltd.

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Grandma who runs a small shop by herself today.

Regular customers who are fascinated by the taste come hungry.

Help your grandma and serve your customers one after another!

The dishes that appear are somehow nostalgic, that taste, this taste, and the taste of my mom.

If you improve your cooking skills, you will be able to cook new dishes.

Curry, ramen and omelet.

Hamukatsu, miso soup, fried hydrangea.

Nikujaga, fried chicken, Napolitan.

Everything, including fruit parfaits!

All the customers who come to the store seem to have a reason ...

However, if you eat warm rice, it will surely be unraveled.

The knot of their heart.

An unforgettable "taste of memories" that everyone has

And let's see it.

The ending of the story with tears and laughter.

The long-awaited sequel has finally arrived after about four years in the popular previous work!

A new story woven by new customers.

A new dish that makes you hungry just by looking at it.

In this work, apart from the main story, you can see that person and this person's unexpected drama,

You can also enjoy a large volume of sub-story!

* Some sub-stories are charged.



This is a small town that no one knows.

A nostalgic town that you've seen somewhere.

In such a side street full of Showa scent,

There was a small dining room.

A small shop just opened,

I'll cut it all by myself


It's like I met somewhere ...?

You can hear it when you close your eyes

The sound of a kitchen knife.

The scent of soy sauce and oil drifting juicy.

That shop in everyone's heart.

Let's take a look.

Would you like to remember too?

That day.

That person.

A story that deepens your stomach and heart.

Memories of Canteen Story 2
Hossam Galal

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