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Xuanyuan Jiancang Yao

Xuanyuan Jiancang Yao

By: 上海软星

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On September 23, the second test started!

❤❤❤❤❤ Game introduction ❤❤❤❤❤

Xing Yao is in the sky, asking the battle in the wild.

"Xuanyuan Sword Cang" is a series of mobile games Xuanyuan Sword self-developed by Shanghai Softstar, a subsidiary of Daewoo Information, which relies on a stand-alone story background to create a new storyline.

[Game Features]

 Inherit the classic book system

The unique heavenly book world of the "Xuanyuan Sword" series is a different space world, in which there are various special substances, which can be used to produce various wooden pets, equipment and props. As each player’s own world, the world of heavenly books can be built in which various buildings with different functions, from various functional buildings to purely decorative buildings, players are free to create their own unique world of heavenly books.

 A unique wooden armor partner

As an important concept of the "Xuanyuan Sword" series, Mujia has been talked about by players, and this game will also adopt this system and greatly enhance it. Wooden armor is a trusted partner for players in the game, fighting together and supporting each other. Wooden armor will have its own story, and players who experience these stories will have a deep relationship with the wooden armor and finally reach the ultimate bond. At the same time, the wooden armor will not only exist as a combat unit. Various production, manufacturing, construction, and tasks in the world of the book will rely on the wooden armor to carry out or accelerate.

 Novel and rich combat experience

In addition to the conventional rear-end view of the action game mode, this game also adds a rear-end view of vehicle shooting mode, which greatly enriches the combat gameplay. Players can manipulate powerful vehicles to fight at a specific stage in the level.

Xuanyuan Jiancang Yao
Hossam Galal

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