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Extreme drifting, full speed racing!

This is a realistic racing game that places emphasis on competitiveness but is easy to play. We've spent months polishing the modeling and the feel of the cars to create the most exciting and realistic racing experience. With support for all models, you can enjoy racing on any device!


- Exciting racing experience

Simple operation can make drifting, nitrogen injection, acceleration, cornering and other skills. After proficiency, even the most common small car, but also can abuse all kinds of supercar. Maybe you will be the next god of Akimoto!

- In-depth racing system

The performance of the car can be adjusted at will, and you can modify it freely! Low-end models also have the opportunity to dominate the race track to reverse the situation, to create the exclusive invincible chariot! We will also keep adding new cars as the version is updated. Want to drive a world famous car? We'll give you all you need to challenge the AE86 with the Chinese car, Wuling Hongguang.

- Powerful optimization

We are able to run smoothly even for 1000 models, so that more players can open their phones and drift at any time. The real driver can drift no matter what vehicle he drives. Your strength can also be perfectly played on any cell phone!

- Rich map challenges

Whether it's the mysterious and solemn Lhasa, the professional level Shanghai International Circuit, the exotic Principality of Monaco or the legendary Mount Akina, all are waiting for you to conquer! You can challenge yourself to the limit by racing alone, or compete with others. Challenge the title of "God of the track"!

Hossam Galal

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