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Dark faith

Dark faith

By: 拟酷游戏

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The most beautiful fantasy is worthy of encounter! "Dark Faith" is adapted from the starting point platinum writer Chen Dong's novel "Shaking the Sky", inheriting classic gameplay and creating an MMORPG mobile game that everyone can play. The best equipment is dropped fairly, free trade is not devalued, and virtual reality real people socialize.

In 3 minutes, [To the Beauty] Nine Dragons pull the coffin, shuttle through the starry sky, and enter a new world of fantasy and fantasy!

20 minutes, [Fate] The Big Dipper Starfield is full of mists! Big data screens the favorite masters, and destined people give pointers.

For 40 minutes, [Relaxed] The new continent, wantonly sway! Free your hands to get experience, easy to upgrade and never liver!

In 70 minutes, [happy] the three big bosses of gods and ghosts will appear, and the little girl can also defeat the boss to win the treasure!

In 90 minutes, [Challenge] renew the brotherhood, bravely break through the ancient forbidden land, fight for the gods, and break the cocoon into a butterfly!


In the depths of the universe where cold and dark coexist, nine huge dragon corpses hold a bronze ancient coffin, which will last forever.

This is an extremely shocking picture captured by space probes in the dead universe.

Nine Dragons pulling the coffin, did it return to the ancient times, or came to the other side of the starry sky?

A vast world of Xianxia, bizarre and mysterious. The blood is boiling like a volcano, passion is like a raging sea, and desire is endless like an abyss...

Climb the road to the sky, step on the song, cover the sky with your fingers.

Dark faith
Hossam Galal

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