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Hetu Xunxian Ji

Hetu Xunxian Ji

By: 名图互娱

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"Xun Xian Ji" will lead players into a fantasy world based on myths and legends.

In the game, the player will encounter mysterious general spirits as a cultivator, collect peers, build magic weapons, and suppress spirits and demons. As well as a rich plot setting, the pass will explore the story. At the same time, the game also sets up a way to play martial arts to enhance the interaction between players, enter the Xumi fantasy realm, and have a chance to get rich resource and prop rewards.

Place the gameplay, easily hang up to get rich profits; clear all kinds of dungeons, get rich experience rewards and quickly upgrade, in addition to the exquisite spirit illustration book waiting for the majority of players to unlock.

The world is so light, why not go to find immortals!

Hetu Xunxian Ji
Hossam Galal

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