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Rhythm jungle

Rhythm jungle

By: 极光计划

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Jungle Musical!

Starring: The rabbit and the big silly bear

Friends, study hard, the rhythm will accompany you to make up! The work is too tired, the rhythm will accompany you to sleep! Overtime, the heart is haggard, playing is not tired!

[A magical rhythm game that is 18RMB on the shelves overseas and free to play in the mainland! 】

See enough notes and keyboard? Come try Rhythm Jungle!

Fun and cute rhythm game, let you follow the rhythm of happy rhythm!

The daily life of bears in the jungle is connected with nine levels. Although the content is all trivial things in life, we will bring you new solutions from different perspectives.

The operation is very simple, easy for players of all levels to learn, and for high-level players, we have designed a corresponding difficulty mode, which greatly increases the gameplay. We also hope that everyone will practice more so that the little rabbit will not suffer. Work hard to get a full S evaluation!

Put on the headphones and feel the rhythm in the jungle together! Hope the little animals can bring you different happiness!

Rhythm jungle
Hossam Galal

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