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Waste Wood Story

Waste Wood Story

By: 3K独游屋

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Li very

Male, unmarried,

I like cats and dreaming.

His dream changes every three days

The latest dream is to build a hotel.

Just want to build a hotel.

In this regard,

His cat decided to help secretly,

Then watched indifferently.

[Game Background] The protagonist of the game, Li Feichai, dreams of building a hotel. It was originally a pipe dream. However, under the help and ridicule of the cat boss of Feichai, Li Feichai slowly moved bricks to realize his dream...

[Game style] Retro small fresh pixel style, pure chicken game

[Game Features]

Innovative simulation business gameplay

Build a dream hotel of your own

[Different 2048]

A lot of props and routines waiting for the challenge

[Funny and poisonous plot]

Come, accept today's ridicule, and do this bowl of poisonous chicken soup!

Waste Wood Story
Hossam Galal

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