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Stone Period

Stone Period

By: indienova

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In the kingdom of eternal darkness, a small stone may change everything...

"Stone Story RPG" is an RPG game based on a dark and evil world. This kingdom is tortured by monsters and mysterious phenomena. Embark on the journey of collecting 9 magic soul stones and restoring the light.

This game combines elements of various game types and repackages them into a completely unique experience. One of the core mechanisms of "Stone Story RPG" is that you can't directly control the player character. Instead, the AI completes all the work of exploration, battle, and search. However, this does not mean that this is an on-hook game. Whether you can give full play to the effects of potions and special abilities depends on the timing of your use. The BOSS battle is intense and exciting. When the behavior mode of the boss changes, you need to quickly switch the corresponding props.

Your curiosity will be a good partner on your journey, because when you dive into this game, you will find that there is actually a mystery under the seemingly simple surface.

Content characteristics

●Awesome ASCII animation and gorgeous music

●AI combined with other game systems will provide a unique experience for all types of players

● 8 unique areas, each with its own detailed environment and exciting boss battles.

●Simple but deep synthesis system

●Dozens of items can be used in combination to reduce the difficulty of new strategies

●A world full of fantasy, with weird enemies, interesting traveler NPCs and fascinating legends

●More than 8 hours of the main line process, in addition to the content generated by the program

●Rich hide!

Stone Period
Hossam Galal

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