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Soul of Eden

Soul of Eden

By: 龙渊网络

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Leiya Games & Long Yuan Network expand the territory of hand gaming gaming!

Soul of Eden is a real-time strategy TCG card battles game with an exclusive scatter system, tight 4-minute rounds, and never-repeat competitive battles in every game. Choose your destiny between four camps and take on the many contestants!

- Choose your side.

There are four different tactical camps for players to choose from: the technologically advanced Republic, the cunning and unpredictable Fae, the sword and sorcery Empire, and the wild and natural Orcs. The stories of the four camps are intertwined with each other, which one will you lead to glory?

- Designing your deck of cards

With over 100 unique cards and up to 30 deck depths, unleash your strategic potential to create your own unique strategy.

- Play your way

The unique dispersal deployment system creates ever-changing troop formations; the key skills of legendary heroes can turn the tide of battle with the power of one man! In an ever-changing battlefield, your actions and judgment will be the key to your success.

- Enrich your experience!

A variety of unique casual gameplay design, based on the PVP game experience to enrich your gaming experience, refused to be boring, more interesting modes waiting for you to battle!

- Decorate your battlefield.

Four camps exclusive main interface UI, with very different painting style cards and combat units, hundreds of Q cute expressions and avatars, there is always one for you!

Soul of Eden
Hossam Galal

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