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Warhammer 40K: Freedom Blade

Warhammer 40K: Freedom Blade

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Maneuver the mech and destroy all enemies that block your advancement!

"Warhammer 40K: Freedom Blade" is a mecha shooting game. As a classic of the Warhammer series, the game will take you to review the growth history of a qualified "Freedom Blade". In more than 40 single-player campaign missions, you will command the "Blade of Freedom" to fight the enemy bravely and embark on a path of blood and tears full of honor, redemption and revenge.

★ The pleasure of cutting grass: The crushing character contrast and the hot shooting special effects have a strong pleasure, allowing you to vent your dissatisfaction and release the pressure to your heart's content!

★ Shocking art: vivid goth + punk themes, angular images and cold light colors create mecha characters with strong metallic texture. Every action is full of power and is very exciting!

★ Free DIY: There are 10 parts of mecha that can be modified and upgraded at will, Gatling or hot melt gun? It's up to you! Even better, you can also modify the appearance of the mecha, and change the color and inkjet pattern of the mecha as you like!

★ Tap to operate: Feel the invincible fighters blooming at your fingertips with boundless power, use artillery, missiles and heat guns to smash the enemy, and watch the surrounding environment turn into scorched earth in front of your eyes!

★ Epic hand-to-hand combat: In addition to shooting, you can also control the mecha for melee combat, use a powerful chain saw sword to saw the enemy in half, each time, with a fierce and heavy blow to the huge monster to bring mechanical terror The sense of.

★ Special missions: Test your combat skills in difficult missions, patrol and scout in the vast world of Warhammer, and eliminate waves of invaders!

★ Many game updates: In daily events and fierce multiplayer battles, compete with players from all over the world to win legendary weapons, armors and costumes!

Warhammer 40K: Freedom Blade
Hossam Galal

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