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Sakurato Gakuen

Sakurato Gakuen

By: 百灵果游戏

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Sakurato Gakuen, a pure Japanese fan drama card mobile game, is coming! The RPG and AVG gameplay are perfectly integrated, and the real scene restores the Japanese streets. Characteristic city walks, maze exploration gameplay, create an immersive fan drama game experience.

Here is the singularity where countless parallel time and space meet-under the huge cracks in the urban sky, everything once ended here, and everything will begin here again...

You are a high school student who has had memory loss. You live a normal student life in school-attending classes, taking exams, and participating in clubs. However, your peaceful campus life was completely broken after being involved in a supernatural event.

In order to protect the people around you, you continue to solve all kinds of supernatural events. Through the plotting step by step, you will gradually understand the demons, eliminate the spiritual disaster, and become the patron saint of this world together with like-minded friends-the awakened.

Battle play

-Cards: Over 40 well-painted cards, Japanese-style national-level combat mode, incorporating the elements of the five elements to create a unique combat combination;

-Labyrinth: Say goodbye to conventional push maps, explore the high-degree-of-freedom dungeon area, use the formal terrain to deal with the enemy, and seize the battle opportunities;

-Gods: The characteristic gods descending system, strengthen the combat strategy, perfect combination of splendor and strategy.

Features of Yingdu

-AVG: Combining RPG and AVG, with more than 100,000 words of script, the plot is progressive, each of your choices will affect the development of the story;

-Psychic: You will be psychic with powerful creatures in various parallel worlds. Japanese gods, famous military commanders, and well-known big monsters will all be your psychic partners who fight side by side;

-Fanju: Fanju plot animation, perfectly showing the ups and downs of the plot, giving you an immersive plot experience;

Relaxed leisure

-Campus life experience: go to class, read, work, and take exams, experience a relaxed student era;

-Multiple leisure games: fishing, cooking, hot springs, blessing, all kinds of leisure

-Mobile phone fetters system: The characteristic Awakener mobile phone system, contact your partner, date with TA in every corner of the city, and unlock the exclusive novel-style plot.

Exploratory plot promotion + thousands of plot evolutions, saving the cherry capital on the verge of apocalypse, you and your partner are needed! Come join us and learn more about Sakurato Gakuen!

Sakurato Gakuen
Hossam Galal

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