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Prosperous Food Tales

Prosperous Food Tales

By: 扑家工作室

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In one small country, there is a huge world tree.

People were enjoying a relaxed and happy life with stalls around the world tree making food.

One day, however, the Badass Chamber of Commerce stalks this peaceful place!

So they came up with a poisonous plan that has caused this country to take on a huge debt.

If it is not repaid within the stipulated time, the land will be taken away by this chamber of commerce!

In order to save the country from the crisis, the prince sends the country's royal chef, which is you, the hero.

Join six talented chefs with lots of personality to build a food market under the world tree! Help the country pay its debts and break the Chamber's conspiracy!


- A character full of freshness and unexpectedness.

- Fun, easy business model.

- Colorful and creative 180 dishes waiting for you to make.

- Warm and touching, over 200,000 words of story.

- Also, funny things that happen with the characters and different endings.

Prosperous Food Tales
Hossam Galal

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