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Power and magic

Power and magic

By: Enjoy Fun Tech Co., Limited

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"Power and Magic"-a full 3D realistic medieval game for war strategy lovers.

Heroes with different styles are its standard equipment, and it is its daily routine to implement the whole fight and upgrade;

Rich and diverse big map gameplay is its characteristic, and RPG turn-based real-time viewing is its innovation;

The battle plot that is perfectly integrated with the story background is its expansion, and the talent rune system is the magic weapon for the subsequent development;

After deciding on the content and direction of the game-it is you

[Game Features]

——Wonderful plot real experience——

-A prince who lost his father from an early age because of the betrayal of the orcs, established his own city-state in the complex continent of Torveen, expanded the land and developed into a huge military force step by step, waiting for him is the dragon or the dead. A huge world view and rich content are waiting for you to explore.

——Rich maps to explore infinitely——

-Choose the three initial areas of the Torveen continent to start your game: the Far North, the Fairy Forest, and the Hill Territory. However, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg of the world. There are many advanced areas and hundreds of map elements will slowly open up to you.

——Featured units can be matched as you wish——

-The first test version has 32 heroes, 28 units, and dozens of wild monsters, match and match at will, defeat the enemy! At the same time, every hero has his own talents and runes, and every player can train his own powerful army!

——Watch in real time and fight again——

-Watch the real-time battle process, analyze the reasons for the victory and defeat, it is not terrible to lose, and how to lose is terrible! Know yourself and the enemy, if you refuse to accept it, fight again!

There are more features under development, we will do our best to create a real magical world, but also a real battlefield for thousands of players to fight.

Looking forward to polishing the game with the majority of players, your opinion is our wealth, and we hope that we can create a mobile game of medieval strategy with a high degree of freedom together.

Power and magic
Hossam Galal

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