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Dissolver Enigma

Dissolver Enigma

By: Bad Pixel 坏像素游戏

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"Game Overview"

Enigma is the first game developed by the independent studio BadPixel team. It is a horror-themed secret room puzzle game.

The game tells about a mysterious religious organization detaining many people in a secret room in order to open Pandora's Box, forcing them to solve the mystery and obtain the key to the surrender ritual. These detained people are called-"Unchain People".

Players search for clues, talk to the narrator, solve puzzles, uncover the truth, and finally escape.

"Game Features"

* Unspeakable fear, the claustrophobic space is full of unknowns and treacherous, suffocating.

* Delicate and realistic art rendering, sound atmosphere infiltrating the bones, and excellent presence in VR interaction.

* Exquisite mechanism settings, complicated and confusing exploration of puzzles. Bit by bit seeps out.

* A narrative space full of reverie, Cthulhu, SCP-style horror themes.

"about Us"

We are a game team formed by several friends who have resigned from Hangzhou NetEase.

We are working hard to develop our own games!

We are the people of the game, we are BadPixel.

"contact us"

Enigma QQ player group: 535568135

Weibo: @BadPixel-Bad Pixel Game

Dissolver Enigma
Hossam Galal

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