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"Hundred Battles Pioneer" is perhaps the coolest ballistic shooting game!

The classic ballistic shooting is integrated with stronger operability, and the characters can only silly launch missiles SAY NO on the ground!

Designed more than 40 kinds of equipment, combining strategy and operation, and SAY NO for no brains!

* Artillery, machine gun, grenades, modified dogs, super rich arsenal, bid farewell to monotonous ballistic projectiles.

* Real-time battles, fair competition, and endless battles with many friends.

* More map elements and ever-changing scene themes will bring you back to the thrill of being in the soul.

* A reasonable combination of characters and weapon arsenal can form your strongest tactics.

* Reject the numerical pit, come and show your god hand.

Whether you are playing a ballistic shooting game for the first time, or an expert in the soul, I hope "Hundred Battles Pioneer" can give you a different game experience.

"Hundred Battle Pioneers" player exchange QQ group: 527725517

Hossam Galal

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