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Hero and castle

Hero and castle

By: Sunlight Games

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"The halo of the torch is large and small, sometimes jumping, and sometimes spreading in memory. It's a bit like the dream of childhood power outages."-Founder of Crab Games

"When I was young, I dreamed of being a hero. I only knew how lonely a person was when I was growing up. Just like "Heroes and Castles", no matter how long the road is, no matter how dark the night, the hero has to face it alone and go trekking." ——User Songs

The hero came to explore the mysterious castle. After experiencing a series of difficulties and obstacles, he discovered the secret of civilization. The hero also continued to grow in this series of experiences...

Heroes and Castle is an action-adventure game that combines platform jumping and castle exploration. It was developed by Sunlight Games, a two-person independent game studio. With the help of the indieSky independent game support program, I finally met with all the players, thank you fans for their loyal support.

[Game Features]

※ Simple operation and high degree of freedom

-Click the left and right direction keys to move, the jump key adopts long press design, the jumping height is more flexible

-Stay in the operation area for 2 seconds to complete a specific operation, easy to learn and easy to master

※ Unique painting style design, original background music

-Well-designed art atmosphere

-Specially produced original background music with unique atmosphere;

※ 80+ fully connected rooms

-All rooms in the game are connected, and you can freely shuttle back and forth

-Concise and clear map design

-Practical teleportation skills allow players to quickly return to the lighted room

※ Careful level design

-Rich level design with many changes

-All rooms are designed for walking back and forth, full freedom

-Test the player's grasp of timing, and constantly challenge themselves

※ One time payment, no more in-app purchases

-After paying to download the game, you can play 80+ All Unicom rooms

-Teleport skills are available at any time to help you pass levels more smoothly

Hero and castle
Hossam Galal

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