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Thunder Front

Thunder Front

By: Droidelite Co., Limited

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[Thunder Front] A high-quality, casual, magical, idle RPG strategy game. The operation is simple, the super players of the Thunder team are rich and diverse, each has its own strengths, challenge levels and individual gameplay are endless, place it, take advantage of this, for the peace of the world!

In this different world, evil BOOS is constantly destroying world peace. In order to save the world, commanders need to find super players of different races and abilities, defeat various BOSS to obtain massive gold coins, precious artifacts, and other rare items and materials, and form the strongest thunder team with unique style! From the lush forest to the ancient and mysterious relics of falling stars, embark on a magical journey with millions of players and lead your thunder team to maintain world peace!

Dear commander, please see! What do we have?

★Happiness you can have when you hang up

You don't need to be online all the time. Even if you are offline, your troops will fight for you all the time and automatically help you get more resources, diamonds, and epic equipment.

★Entertainment collision of puzzle strategies

6 camps, 300+ super players, to meet your desire to collect, they have their own strengths, mutual checks and balances and restraint, various lineups, selection of artifacts waiting for you to try and explore more possibilities!

★Diversified gameplay that you can experience when you open the game

A variety of different themed activities that will rotate every week, and there are different gameplays such as arenas, fortresses, alien trials, expeditions, dungeons, etc. The important thing is here, and your powerful super players are waiting for you Evolution and cultivation.

★No friends injustice

Create a guild, or join a friend’s guild, everyone work together to develop the guild together, defeat your guild boss together, get a lot of rewards, and improve your technological strength! In the cross-server guild battle, stand up and win higher rankings and rewards for the guild brothers!

If you have more questions in the game, you can contact for more help!

We are officially online now! If you are interested, please download and experience it~

In addition, there is an official QQ group here, and everyone is welcome to join and talk about it!

[Thunder Front] Official Group 1: 548615326

Official public account: Thunder Front OL

Thunder Front
Hossam Galal

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