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Carton chaos

Carton chaos

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[Game Introduction]

"Carton Smash Bros." is a paper-style happy sandbox competitive mobile game developed by NetEase Games. Q cute and funny carton people set up a happy chaos, the game uses a bird's-eye view and a 5-minute round of super fast chaos, providing players with a familiar operation mode, and 30 people in the same game have unlimited fun. Play with funny equipment and props, full-featured character talents, rich and varied skills to learn, a lot of routines, and unlimited surprises! Multiplayer ranking is on, and the voice is turned on at any time! Happy carton people's world, looking forward to your arrival!

[Game Features]

——Q cute square face, a happy and chaotic fight among the ever-changing box people

In "Carton Smash Bros", there are 9 boxers with cute square faces to choose from. They have different characteristics: cute, cute, or quirky. In addition, the attributes and skills of each boxer are different, adapting to different combat environments, forming a completely different exploration and fun experience!

——Easy to get started, coquettish walk show operation

The game uses a 2.5D combat angle of view and a dual joystick operation mode. The directional attack mode is combined with funny props. It can stage action dramas at all times, and enjoy each other in minutes. In addition, familiar operations and various map elements such as grass hiding, impulse portals, and terrain hits on partition walls will help you show off all kinds of wonderful moments in the arena!

——Fast-speed duel, a five-minute smooth experience

On the premise of ensuring a refreshing and exciting core experience, "Carton Brawl" reduces the duration of a single game to five minutes. Within five minutes from the start of the game to the end of the game, you will have a climax when you get started, and there will be no pee points during the whole process! It is definitely a must-have game for your home travel, the best choice for fragmenting time!

——Full of routines, free combo of skills and props

Coke gun? Pan? Durian grenade? Abundant weapons, equipment and props, a variety of character talent skills and random learning skills, can be combined at will, and you can match them. There is no absolutely invincible solution, only routine is king! Among the infinite possibilities, form your own build and become the final winner!

Carton chaos
Hossam Galal

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