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Three Kingdoms Ultimate Awakening

Three Kingdoms Ultimate Awakening

By: 佰跃堂(100s Jump)

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On December 7th, "Three Finals" will open a new server on both Android and iOS: Weiwei "Lidar". New server public beta package: login to get 15 purple cards and 13 gold cards. At the same time, the new hero SSR Zhang Chunhua's limited-time card pool will be opened, don't miss it!

In addition, now you can add the official group (678545667) and the group gift package code. The reward is 2 purple cards~ After you join the group, you can get the group owner Baiyuetang.

We started testing on Tap for the first time in September last year. So far, we have done 6 file deletion tests, large and small, and after each test, it feels like a layer of skin is fading, painful and happy. The pain is to continue to invest more funds and manpower to make changes. What is happy is that I have gained encouragement and feedback from players.

So far, "Three Ends" has been completely changed. The story has been rewritten on the basis of retaining the original story outline, adding vertical drawings and CVs to all heroes, adjusting the character shape of the Q version, and redoing most of the scene special effects. Even the UI interface has been reworked (does it sound like a skin change? But it is the most painful one, change it for yourself 😂). The game mode has also been adjusted a lot in your suggestions, such as adding skill optional equipment and combinations. Among so many changes, the payment mode is the most painful one that we feel changed. The VIP system in the first two test payment modes was finally abandoned by us in the last test. The VIP system was built for a long time, and it was tested for a long time, and it was related to the problem of the meal. We really did our best to make such a change!

The following are some common problems that I have summarized in these tests. Before entering the pit, let’s see if you can accept it. If you want to play games, you have to say many things in advance without delaying everyone's time and energy.

The storyline of the pit warning

The story takes place in the overhead world of Xiumeng Continent. This is a world where technology and magic coexist. It is dominated by three consortium companies: Taoyuan Technology (Shu), Biwu Biochemical (Wu), Weiwei Construction (Wei), Three Kingdoms The characters are reborn in this world, and there are also various fairy and monsters (mostly from the classics of mountains and seas), mixed with fish and dragons, so the story is not the Three Kingdoms in the traditional sense. Players who are keen on the traditional Three Kingdoms story should enter carefully! You need to go through the tape to browse the story. After you finish each chapter, you will get the tape of that chapter. You can browse the storyline by using the tape in your backpack.

Game mode of pit warning

"Three Ends" is an RPG card, can not lead soldiers, there is no national war, not a idle game, but there is an automatic battle 4 times speed. You need to spend some brain cells, match equipment skills, and choose a hero lineup. The game does not rollover, basically one server is opened every month. Some players asked why only one server was opened from July to October when the beta started, because during this period we spent 3 months fixing bugs and adding new content.

Payment mode for pit warning

There is a VIP for payment, but there is a pass. This pass can also be obtained by purchasing a monthly pass. There is no 648, the highest is 518.

-------------------------------------------------- -------

"Three Kingdoms Ultimate Awakening" is a card game developed and run by Baiyuetang. We are a small studio that is moving towards professionalism. Due to limited resources and time, many ideas have not been realized. Our goal is to "get it in place gradually, solve them one by one, and change the better."

The six major features of the game are as follows:

"Save resources, R card can also become SSR"

The game changed the mechanism of SSR crushing R, so that every hero has a chance to shine, and some R-rank heroes rank quite high in their basic attributes. Secondly, some R and SR heroes can also be upgraded to SSR during the awakening process, which not only provides opportunities for non-chiefs, saves resources for zero-chargers, but also extends the hero's life cycle and greatly enriches the battle lineup. Combination and collocation.

"Skills Linkage, Focus on Ultimate Skill Protection"

Unique Combat Skill Combat and Gas Bar Combat Mode. Teams share a gas bar. Multiple heroes can release skill combo to save storage points and increase damage. You can also carry an ultimate skill to protect the focus during battle. Position hero. This breakthrough in combat mode enhances the playability and control of such games.

"Skill queue, idle game can also be customized"

The original skill queue function, which skills to use, when to release the skills, who to join the skills with whom, and when to release the ultimate skills, can all be set in advance, as you want, save worry and effort, and you can set the world with your eyes closed.

"Dan mechanism, cute new bosses can be comfortable."

The arena adopts a rank mechanism, so the newbies can have a good experience in the corresponding ranks, and the big guys can also enjoy themselves in the high ranks for worship. The original goalkeeper of the ranks, one man is the gate, and the man is not open. Players who can defend are rewarded by the "door god".

"Duel battlefield, strategy for fairness is the priority"

In real-time PK, the player's heroes are set to the current highest level, the highest rank, and there are free trial heroes to try. Players who like manual control can show their skills here, "Jiuding Supreme" depends on strategy and operation.

"Original story, these three countries are not the other three countries"

The heroes of the Three Kingdoms are reborn in the fantasy continent. You will participate in and witness the war of the three giants competing for the supremacy of the shopping mall, which is also interspersed with the classics of mountains and seas...

The battle between technology and magic, which side do you stand on?

Three Kingdoms Ultimate Awakening
Hossam Galal

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